Established over a decade ago, Maxis Trading LTD is a reputable door-to-door clothing collector and wholesaler. Based in the north of England and dealing in door-to-door clothing collections and sales with extensive experience in the Eastern European second hand clothing markets.

primary inspection.

Maxis Trading identified very early on that primary inspection is the key to success and have invested over the years in P.I. systems for door-to-door clothing. Primary inspections on each bags’ contents are carried out at all our warehouses. For more details about primary inspection and our work please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Door to door clothing after primary inspection includes:

Ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing

Shoes, belts and bags

Accessories and cosmetics

We also sell separately, second hand…




Bathroom Mats

Books and multimedia discs

Raw textile material (for the Pakistani market)

Maxis Trading take pride in the service offered to its customers

We have a growing portfolio of repeat business from the Eastern European markets.

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